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The Philippines

By Maddyn.F










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The Philippines is an Asian country. It is also known as  "The Pearl of the Orient Seas".  Now let's go see what's it like to be a filipino! 


The Philippines has two seasons: the wet and the dry.  The dry season starts in November and ends in May.  Wet season starts in June and ends in October. 


In 1991 the government changed a lot of responsibilities to the local government units in the provinces, cities, and villages.  The local government units get community spirit by getting people to go to public meetings and projects.  The local government units also help make organizations to make health and education better.


Schools in the Philippines are either run by the government, or private people, so most kids go to schools run by the government.  Teachers teach the classes in English, Spanish, and the country's language, Philipino.  Filipino kids go to elementary school for six years and high school for four years.  In the Philippines there is no middle school or kindergarten.


 Here are some holidays they celebrate in the Philippines. 

The festival of the Black Narzarene is celebrated because many believe that the Black Narzarene, a status of Jesus, use to have light skin, but turned dark after surviving a ship fire.  People say the boat came from Mexico. The holiday is celebrated on January 9th.

The Sinulog festival is like Thanksgiving.  They celebrate it to honor santo nino (Jesus) and recognize the acceptance christianity.  This holiday is on the third Sunday of January.

Ati-Atihan is celebrated to pay tribute to Santo Nino, also known as Jesus the child.  Ati-Atihan is a week long, starting the third week of January.

The Dinagyang Festival is like the Ati-Atihan festival.  They celebrate it to honor Santo Nino and the christianization of the people there. It's celebrated the fourth sunday of January.

Celebrations and holidays

A festival called the Panagbenga lasts three days.  They celebrate it to celebrate the spring time.  The holiday is during February.

The Moriones festival is during the Easter Holy week in April.  People act out the story of the talk of the Centurion Longuinus who made a hole on the side of Jesus with his spear before his head was cut off.

The Masskara festival celebrates the strength of the human spirit.  It's celebrated the third week of October.

The last and only holiday that's the same as America is Christmas.  It celebrates Jesus bring humans to the world.  It is December 25th.     

There are three types of filipinos. The rich, the average, and the poor.  Filipinos believe that children are gifts from god. Filpinos either live with alot of family members, or spend lots of time with family.  The country has ethnic groups.  An ethnic group is a group that has the same cultures as one another.

Filipino sports are: Jai alai ( High lye), Sipa and Palo Sebo.         

 American sports that are in the Philippines are:  Basketball, Boxing, Golf,and Bowling.            


Filipinos eat five small-plate meals.  First, an early breakfast, second, a 10.a.m snack called a merienda, third, lunch,  fourth, a merienda at 4:00, and fifth, dinner.  Filipinos use spoons, forks and their hands. No knifes.

Most filipino meals have white steamed rice.  Corn, noodles, and bread are also common too.  Meals usually have meat or fish, and vegetables and rice.

  Popular sauces are: salty fish sauce, coconut cream, lemongrass, adobo sauce, spicy barbeque sauce, sweet and sour, miso tomato, bagoog, and filipino vinegar.

Foods in the Philippines are: kari-kari, adobo, balut, sisig, chicharon, lechon, pancit and halo-halo.   


Up above is something called a boodle fight.  Filipinos race to eat foods with no utensils and only fingers.

Well that's all!  You have now experienced what it is like to be a filipino through this book!  Well, bye!