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                                   By: Vikrant Balyan                                                                              

                                                                             Table Of Contents:

                                                                  About (Intro)  ----------------- 

                                                                  Housing  -----------------

                                                                   Food -----------------

                                                                   Water -----------------

                                                                   Planting -----------------

                                                                   Schooling -----------------

                                                                   Animals -----------------

                                                                   Traditions and Holidays/ Land marks To Represent The Holidays -----------------

                                                                   Dresses -----------------

                                                                   Free Time (Sports, games, etc. etc.)

                                                                   What It Would Be Like -----------------

 Did You Know: The Longest History in the world was in India!


India is a country that has a long history and is located at the Mediterranean region by the coastline of the Indian Ocean. It is famous and mostly known for its history and gods, it is also famous for its long lasting holidays and wars. India sits right on the land of the Indus Valley, the birth of the first modern and premodern humans. The old Persians started living on this land and then someone thought of naming it 'India'.


Housing in India is very poor. Some people can't live in temples because they're poor. One of the most famous temples is "The Sun Temple": A marvel had a temple named "The Sun Temple" that was built in AD 1250. "The Sun Temple" lives in Odisha, India. "The Thanjavur Temple" is located in Chola Nadu, India and was made in 1010 CE. The Thanjavur area is known for its art.


There are different foods in India like: Paratha, Subji, Paneer, Roti, Dal, Naan, Samber, Idli, Coconut Curry, .Aloo Gobi, Chickpeas and many many more. some of the Indian foods could get mixed up like Paratha and Roti, they both look the same. 


Drinks in India are: Water, Tea, Coffee, Lassi which is a drink made from Yogurt, Water, Milk, Spices and sometimes Fruit, Beer and Wine. The most famous wine in India is Kingfisher.


Meghalaya is the rainiest place in the world. The largest tree in India is the Great Banyan.


School subjects in India are: English, History, Civics, Geography, Indian Language, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Environmental Science, Computer Science, Agricultural Science, Commercial Studies, Technical Drawing Applications, Yoga and Environmental Applications. School systems and levels are:

Preschool: Education is not used here. Montessori is popular at this level.

Private Playschools: Catering for ages between 18 months to 3 years old.

Kindergarten:  For ages 3 to 4 (lower kindergarten) and 4 to 5 (upper kindergarten).

Primary School: 1st to 5th grade (6 to 10 years old).

Middle School: 5th to 8th grade (11 to 14 years old).

Secondary School: 9th to 10th grade (14 to 16 years old).

Higher Secondary/ Pre University: 11th to 12th grade (16 to 17 years old). Here is when they choose a job.

Undergraduate: A B.A. is a three year degree. Specialized courses such as medicine and Engineering can be longer.

Postgraduate: A one year course.


India has the most tigers in the world. India has 50% of all tigers including the rarest ones. The 50% is growing each day.

                                                                  Traditions and Holidays/ Land marks To Represent The Holidays

Independence day on August 15. Holi on March 13. Diwali on October 19. Dussehra on september 30. Rakhi on August 26.


You have to wear shorts in India because its hot and long sleeves because India contains many bees. 

                                                     Free Time(Sports, Games, etc., etc.)

Cricket, Field Hockey, Chess and Snooker are all sports in India that people are free to play in India.

                                                                        What It Would Be Like

For me, it would be like: I would play different games after school, I would visit places like the Great Banyan, I would celebrate holidays like Holi or Rakhi and I would live in a school with extra things.